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Become a full-time photographer… Check!!!!

11/24/2009 4 comments

A little more than a year ago (September of 2008), I posted this on my blog. Since then we’ve put our heart and souls into both being full-time and having our own business. We’ve been busy – maybe a little too busy – but that comes with starting a business. We re-branded from Allie Marie Photography to The Reason, started a new blog and website(s), and started booking weddings. A few months later, Chris was able to quit his day job and focus only on photography. I had to hang in a little longer to make sure things would work out. I’m EXTREMELY happy to tell you that the day has come! I am officially a full time photographer!!


Since it’s also the Thanksgiving season, I’m writing this to say THANK YOU…

… to all of our brides and grooms. You rock. You don’t know how much your compliments have helped us take steps forward. And for those who constantly spread the word about The Reason, we can’t do it without you.

… to all the bosses and colleagues at all the jobs I had before reaching this point. For the friendships I gained out of it. For knowing what I was working towards and being understanding when the time came to move forward.

… to my friends for being interested and understanding how busy we are. For never giving up on us, always asking how the business is going, and believing in us.

… to my family for being so supportive, believing in me, helping us when things were crazy, and offering advice. I can’t believe I was blessed with such a great one.

… to Chris for being the love of my life. For his willingness to learn something new just to spend more time with me (and being ridiculously amazing at it). For his ability to be great at anything he puts his mind to and for challenging me to be the best I can be.

And also… thank you to our blog readers. We know you’re out there, we have the proof. Thank you for being interested at all, leaving comment love (you know we love it!), spreading the word, and cheering us on.

Annnnnnd… here’s ALL the links you’ll need to stay in touch and up to date with The Reason!




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Silent Inspiration.

10/28/2009 3 comments


I’ve been really inspired by silent films lately. For those of you who don’t know me very well, I have a major in Film Studies. I watched many, many silent films in my film history classes during college and learned to appreciate them. I’ve just recently been reminded how wonderful they are. Because the actors had to use so much body language and facial expressions, I figured the stills of these silent films would be awesome inspiration for my photography. So I Googled, and found this website! Check out these photos (all taken from the site):












So what do you think? Could any of these stills be translated into engagement or wedding photos today?

Did you know you can watch a lot of silent films online? Yep, go to

๐Ÿ™‚ allie

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10/07/2009 1 comment

Ask me who my favorite actress is and it varies from season to season. But Drew Barrymore has always been high on my list. A couple things I love about her:

* She’s been through tough times, but has fought through it

* She makes the best out of being in the spotlight

* She’s down to earth and always herself

* She has the cutest personality ever

* She’s not the best actress in the world, but she’s pretty captivating on the big screen… no matter what movie she’s in.

I recently saw this article online and thought I’d share it with you. It’s Drew and photography combined – what could be better? Click on the photo to read the article and see the photos she took with a film camera.


:) immediately

09/30/2009 2 comments


Time for me to share a page out of my inspiration journal (and post some of my recent holga photos)!


Ever realize how some things – no matter how foul of a mood you’re in – make you smile immediately? I realized this one day as I was driving home from work and a little frustrated with things. As I was passing by Daddy D’z BBQ Joint, the smell of the best BBQ in ATL (according to their website) put the hugest smile on my face. Immediately.


So I started making a list every time this happened. Then I sat down and asked myself, WHY do these make me smile immediately? Looking over them inspires me. I encourage you to make your own to look at from time to time. I’d love to see it!


Here it is. My list of Things That Make Me Smile Immediately! ๐Ÿ™‚

the smell of bbq and fires

it reminds me not only of fall, but a plethora of memories as well. memories i might not exactly remember, but that left a nice impression in my brain. when the smell hits my nostrils it makes me breathe it in deeper, let out a big sigh, and then smile enormously.


when i see a swing, i have to be on it. i love the feeling of swinging really high and the wind on my face. if that doesn’t sound cheesy, i don’t know what does. maybe it makes me feel like a child again?

hearing chris speak dutch

it’s so weird to think my husband’s first language isn’t english. he speaks it so well. when i hear him speak dutch it makes me smile – and it reminds me of how awesome he is.

vanilla coke paired with salt + vinegar chips

if you’ve never tried it before, you have to! when you put the two together it makes the coke a lot more vanilla-y and the chips more vinegar-y. Mmmmm.ย  ๐Ÿ™‚

the smell of green tea face lotion

once again this smell brings back so many memories that I can’t remember. i have no idea what that means… i put it on my face, breathe in, and smile. i know it makes me remember something… but i can’t place it.

the first chords of “i’m yours”

and only the first chords. not that the whole song doesn’t make me smile, but there’s something about hearing it from the very beginning on the radio and being lucky enough to have been in the car when it came on. i also have about 7 different versions of the song (because it’s actually been around for a few years) and the first chords of each version are all the same. it also makes me proud to be a mraz fan. i’ll stop there – i could keep going.

the sight of airplanes

this is weird. one of the best things about living near the airport is that there are always a dozen planes in the sky above our house. on a really nice, blue-skied day it makes me smile when i can see all of them in the sky at the same time. how they work baffles me, but high above you they’re little, shiny, and fun to look at. maybe it’s just me…

the airport and flying

most people hate to fly. on a day that i’ll be visiting the airport, i wake up smiling. something about it makes me feel like i’m in a film or that i’m important or that i’m a grown up and know how to navigate the busiest airport in the world. it also means i’ll be leaving atlanta, and that makes me happy.

watching 50 first dates

everything about this movie makes me smile. the actors, the story, the soundtrack, and the ending. l-o-v-e it. i could watch it everyday and not get sick of it.

the beach experience (?)

maybe you guys can help me out here. i was a little confused. originally, on my list, i had written “the beach.” but i had to stay true to things that make me smile immediately. it’s not just the beach that makes me smile. it’s the whole experience. the feel of the sand,sun & wind, the sound of the waves, the sight of the water, the smell of the salt. when all of those senses are triggered at the same time… that’s when i smile immediately.



i’m pretty sure my obsession with sailboats began when my mom read “the lion’s paw” to me as a kid. since then, the sight of sailboats make me smile. when i met chris, one of the first questions i asked him was if he knew how to sail. and he did! this made me smile, too. it’s one of my favorite things in the whole world to do.


i’ve loved owls for a long time. way before they became a popular fashion trend. my friend, sara, used to call me owlie. (get it? it sounds like allie). the sight of these furry, wise creatures makes me smile – living, drawn, or worn around the neck.

the first warm day after winter and the first cool day after summer

this should be on everyone’s list. who doesn’t smile when you walk out the door after a hot, humid summer or cold, bleak winter and it’s cool and refreshing or sunny and warm respectively?

walking barefoot in grass

especially my parents’ grass. yeah, i know. real original. but it’s true. puts a huge smile on my face.

I’m sure I’ll add more to the list as I keep smiling.



๐Ÿ™‚ย  allie

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